Free 15m Consultation
Free 15m Consultation

Let me help you become a notary professional

Hi! My name is Laura. And I want to be your notary coach.

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Join Laura Saturday mornings at 8:00am PT for small group discussions and Q & A. Register once for the Zoom link. 

Secure the Future of Your Notary Business as a Trust Delivery Agent

The estate planning industry needs professional mobile notaries to faciliate living trust presentations. There are tens of thousands of these transactions every year. Learn more about the training and certification program that is taking the industry by storm by clicking the link below. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Monetizing Your Notary Commission with Specialty Notary Work

When loan signings are good, boy are they good! And when they're not...

Well, you probably already know what I experienced in 2008, and the rest of the notary industry is experiencing right now. 

But rising interest rates does not mean you have to shutter this business you love.  There are still hundreds of millions of documents that require notarization every year. 

In my new book, Beyond Loan Signings, I detail many of these niche opportunities you have at your fingertips today. Plus, I give you my RIMSA framework to help you identify your own specialties that you are likely to encounter in the course of your every day work as a Notary Public. 

NOW is the time to thrive as a mobile notary and loan signing agent. 

Let me show you how!

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I understand how important it is to have someone you trust to call and get the guidance you need to start in this business or expand the business you have to include new lines of revenue. I use my 16 years of signing experience, branding, and marketing success as well as entrepreneurial spirit to help bring your signing service to a higher level, identify more effective networking strategies and identify non-loan signing opportunities.

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As a training instructor for notaries public, I am an expert regarding  California Notary Rules and Regulations to ensure you perform faultless and flawless notarizations. I have agency resources for all 50 states and have presented Notary workshops Nationally. We start by having a complimentary discussion about where you are now and what you want to achieve.

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Personal Training

Laura’s expertise will help you navigate the process of becoming a notary, starting with what format of class to take.  She will also help you with the selection of tools, ones that will be the most cost-effective, flexible - and best to protect you, the notary. 

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Laura Live

Every year, the Symposium gets better. It's a day filled with 4 to 6 presentations from experts in their field (usually notaries who have succeeded in other businesses). Besides the knowledge gained, there are door prizes, swag bags, and networking opportunities.

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Laura Biewer Presents

Full access to all the training videos I have produced for Powers of Attorney, Last Wills, Hospitals, Jails and Adoptions. In collaboration with Notary Coach, we have created a replay library of all of this plus the 2 hr Living Trust replay. More will be added 3-4 times each year.

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"Laura is not only a Notary, Trainer, Coach and Signing Professional, she is also a storehouse of information and expertise. Working and being mentored by Laura for many years has helped me to grow and expand my business beyond all my expectations!"

- Kathy Perry

Just Starting Out?

Let me help answer a few of your questions here!

How To Become a Notary


If you'd like to request a group training event for your state, or if you'd like to be on the waitlist for a future event, please fill out the form with the link below.

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