Make It Easy... Just W.O.R.K.

Aug 03, 2020


Hi,This is Laura with and AtYourServiceMobileNotary.

Today, I want to talk about work and what that means. Many people talk about workouts, meaning exercise, and others talk about the work they do, meaning how they make a living. They're teachers. They're bankers. They're painters. They're notaries. They're sellers of insurance. I was listening to a Napoleon Hill book about the roads to riches, and there were a dozen, very well known experts from the personal development field. And they each commented on the different principles named in the book. Les Brown, in particular, talked about how he reminds himself of the four crucial elements that make him successful. So let's put new meaning to the word work and make it an acronym.

W - that's for the willingness to do what's required. It means showing up, being competent at what you do and doing more than what's expected with enthusiasm.

O - is for ownership, mentally taking charge of your own self initiative to...

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Notary Symposium 2020 Virtual-Live

Jul 29, 2020


Hi, this is Laura with Coach Me Laura and At Your Service Mobile Notary. I have fabulous news to share!

If you haven't heard, the Notary Symposium has gone virtual-live for 2020! We're in a crazy time with this pandemic and everyone is trying to respond in a new way. And so have we! With the adversity that we face, if we look for a seed of something good, we're sure to find it. And we did! We made the pivot to be a virtual-live event, and we opened the doors to everyone across the United States. We're not limited by our location in California. And I was able to recruit new speakers outside of the state of California and have topics that can apply to anybody. And finally, we could add more people. We weren't limited to the physical space of the building we occupied. 

So why should you attend this year?

Well, let me talk to you a little bit about the speakers we recruited. We wanted to bring you implementable strategies that you can use this year to move that business a...

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Phrases That Make People Feel Good

Jul 21, 2020

Hi, this is Laura with Coach Me Laura and At Your Service Mobile Notary.

And I want to share with you 10 phrases that helped me make and keep connections. I started these a few years back and I found that these phrases,  where implemented authentically and appropriately, gave amazing results!

I'd like to share one story in particular. I of course used to do a hundred percent loan signings and then slowly but surely I've moved into the mobile notary work and less of the NSA work. And of course, the NSA work I'm doing pays more for me because I tend to do escrow direct, or I get the highest end of what signing services are willing to pay. There's one signing service in particular, and she doesn't call me all the time because she knows this about me, but whenever she's in a bind, she'll give me a call and say, can you help me? I always try to help her and am happy to do it.

So this happened recently. There was a notary that canceled. I don't know what the reason was, but she...

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Jul 14, 2020


Have you ever seen these initials and wonder? Hmm. What is that?

Well, those in the know, recognize it as General Notary Work, meaning everything that is NOT a loan signing job!

Hi, my name is Laura with Coach Me, And this is a pet peeve of mine. It doesn't describe at all what you do. It doesn't indicate that you have any special knowledge or training or skill. It doesn't even imply that you travel to their location. It's a terrible misnomer. And I want to change that. Hence my new acronym, SNW, which is Specialty Notary Work. Hmm. I like it! This work is made up of many different niches that require a notary. And just like loan signing work, you will be more competent and more exposed to more opportunities when you invest in understanding these common documents used, and the venues most requested by the public and businesses.

Like any business, I solve problems and I serve a need. People need their documents notarized, but they cannot access the service. For...

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3 Important Questions to Ask Yourself

Jun 23, 2020


"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear. The brave person is not he or she who does not feel afraid, but he or she who conquers that fear" that quote was from Nelson Mandela. In other words, do it afraid!

Hi, I'm Laura Biewer with Coach Me Laura. Today, I want to discuss a true person of value the world lost a few months ago, Kobe Bryant. Here's a person who mastered his skills as a basketball player, but he didn't stop with that. He also used his success to help other people and to inspire millions. So I have three questions for you to ponder today.

The first one is, are you doing everything you can to master your skills as a notary? And number two, are there others you can mentor or help? Whether it's as a notary or just to lend a hand to another human being. And three, are you taking steps today to move in the direction of your dream?

Don't wait. We may not have tomorrow. Don't wait to live your dream. Say what you need to say and do what you need to do. It...

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Signer Signatures Come in Many Forms

Jun 06, 2020

Hi, this is Laura with Coach Me Laura and At Your Service Mobile Notary.

Today, let's talk about signatures.

You know, I verify the right person signed the document, but can I even read the signature I'm looking at?

Typically not, and that's okay because their signature does not have to be legible to be their legal signature. I'm verifying their name from the printed name on their ID card. So that's not a problem. However, there can be issues with signatures. So let's take the easiest one, which is that it's not illegible - really it's incomplete, or just a mark of some kind. In this case, this might happen with an older signer or a signer, who's had an accident with their signing hand, or perhaps they're a signer who has a disease state that is preventing them from their finger dexterity to manipulate a pen well. So when that happens, how do you handle that?

It depends on your state, because not all states handle it the same. So there are some states, Kansas, for instance, who...

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Can I Pass the Test?

May 26, 2020


Hi, this is Laura with Coach Me Laura and At Your Service Mobile Notary.

Today, I'd like to talk to you about background checks.

I'm asked frequently about them. What are they? What are they searching for? Why do I have to have one? I've already had one to become a notary. Why do I need another one? Can I do the work without one? So let's talk about that a little bit.

Did you know that not all states require background checks to even become a notary? Actually not that many states have that requirement. And most of them that have the requirement, they only have to do it one time for the life of the commission. If they have back to back commissions, they could do one for 20 years and never have to submit another one. So now we know that not everybody who gets to become a notary has all the same requirements.

Some have training, some don't, some have testing, some don't. Some have background screens, some don't. So how do we know that we can be trusted to handle the public's...

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CA Emergency Orders for Extensions

May 12, 2020


Hi, this is Laura with Coach Me Laura and At Your Service Mobile Notary.

I have been talking about different things that impact us notaries, particularly during Covid-19. So many instructions have come our way in terms of how we do the dance to maintain social distancing and how we can follow CDC requirements. And some of those instructions have been helpful and have facilitated safe signings and some of them don't really neat notary requirements. So we had to make sure we sifted through those instructions from signing companies or title companies and doing the right thing.

California in particular has been difficult to get through Covid-19 with no emergency order for RON in our state, although many other States have gone that route. But I do have two small pieces of good news and any good news is helpful for us!

The first one is many of you may know that in the state of California, because of the DMV closures, the extension has been granted for 60 days if you're under the...

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Identification During a Pandemic

Apr 29, 2020


Hi, this is Laura with Coach Me Laura and At Your Service Mobile Notary.

Today I'd like to talk about one of the basic tenets of notarization, and that's identification of our signer.

Now, during the pandemic, there's a few wrinkles in that plan. So let's just talk about what we mean by "identifying our signer".

Every state charges a notary with accomplishing positive identification, meaning we certify that the right person signed the document. Now, how do we know that they signed the document? Well, we are with the signer either physically or through audio visual communication, and we know it's the right person signing it because they're using some form of satisfactory evidence, meaning that either I know them or I've used some some sort of ID card, typically government issued photo ID, that confirms that's the person standing in front of me.

But what if their satisfactory evidence isn't so satisfactory? There can be a lot of reasons, legitimate reasons, why this happens....

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PPE for Notaries

Apr 20, 2020


Hi, this is Laura with Coach Me Laura and At Your Service Mobile Notary. Today I just want to remind us of some really important lessons we have regarding our safety.

I just heard that a notary went to an assignment, was progressing through the assignment, only to have it disclosed that one of the signers was positive for Covid-19. Now I don't know about you, but that's a little freaking me out, right? Just thinking about that - where did that go wrong?

The first thing is that when we contact our signers about our appointment, the first thing we need to do is check. We cannot assume somebody else checked, somebody else asked. So it's really important that we ask, 'Have you been ill or anybody in your household been ill in the last 14 days?' 'Have you been in contact with anybody who has been ill in the last 14 days?' Because if the answer is YES to either one of those, now is NOT a good time for you to be going into their environment because it starts with the environment!


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