3 tips to get past the Gatekeeper

Aug 31, 2017

How do I get past the gatekeeper at facilities

I am asked frequently as well as observe in notary forums about how difficult it is to get in the door at facilities.  I suggest rather than dropping your business cards or brochures off at local facilities announcing your notary service, consider how you can improve the process for outside services coming in the facility door.  This approach appeals to what is good for the facility rather than your objective of getting work.


Introduce your purpose differently

Start with indicating just leaving your card will not meet your purpose.  You might lead off with something like: "I will be coming here to notarize documents for patients and want to discuss the best way to ensure I help my client while observing special needs of this Facility. Who would be best to discuss.....


Ask the right questions

Your purpose is investigating what their needs are:

What times are best not to set appointments? (Think of shift...

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A Notary's Lending Hand

Aug 27, 2017

Not a typical Assignment...

I love when our notary community steps up to help a fellow notary! I drove to Los Banos on Sat to deliver a trust. This client was a little unusual, no close family, did not like/trust neighbors, and no A/C in his home. Needless to say is was really hot and I was with him 1.5 hrs. I went thru the trust and found although he understood what I told him, the likelihood he would remember even with written instructions after I left seem iffy.  He would reask questions I answered early in the presentation several times. With no witnesses, (which I did tell him before I arrived), we were not able to sign the Will or AHCD.   I could be 1 but we needed 2.

If I had been in Modesto no problem, I would have called a family member/friend to help me out. HOwever, I was over an hour away. I wrote down explicit instructions about asking his nephew (successor trustee) to get two neighbors who live by him when he went to visit to complete the process and...

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2nd Annual CA Notary Symposium in Modesto

Jul 04, 2017

In observance of National Notary Day in November, the 2nd annual CA Notary Symposium will be held at the Modesto City Plaza, Nov 4th 

Join me and 100 of your Mobile Notary and Notary Signing Agent friends to learn how to increase your revenue, rather than your workload!  Volume doesn't equal more profit!  Come to this event and uncover hidden roadblocks that could be sabotaging your desired results, develop a strategy that creates a clear vision of your ultimate success as well as an action plan to increase your profit. 

This 1 day event will feature 5 speakers, each bringing you expertise to boost your notary business up a notch.  New for this year we have added a networking lunch to start practicing connecting with colleagues and those who can help you step up your game, because small changes can make big results!  

Most of all, after this day, you will come away Renewed, Refreshed and Inspired! 

Check out our website ...

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How one Notary used coaching services as a game changer

Jan 09, 2016

This local mom wanted a way to generate income but not at the expense of her young children.  She chose being a notary and immediately sought out the help of a coach to get her started.   Nothing however is a substitute for Effort, and by following her Coaches' advice she built a solid business to support her family while keeping them #1!  Kamila was highlighted in the December issue of National Notary Magazine, enjoy the article HERE.


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You did the work, now get paid!

Nov 16, 2015

Today I helped a caller regarding tips on collecting fees from loan signings and thought there are likely others who would like those tips as well.
1) Read the agreement you signed with a signing agency(if you did) for time frames, and how they handle failed appointments/trip fees, etc so you have a standard they published for you. Then communicate when those time frames have been exceeded not before.
2) If this is not addressed or you did not sign an agreement, ask them via email to tell you what payment time frames you can expect, again so you have something to refer to when following up.
3)If these time frames seem unreasonable to you up front ie:60 days, you have choices: offer to them what your A/R policy is or do not work for that company.
4) To follow up, start with the observation it may have been an oversight, would they update status of the assignment with ETA for payment. Give time for them to respond, before asking again.
5) 2nd notice should note this is 2nd time for follow...

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