Taking the Oath of Office

Jan 14, 2020

Hi this is Laura with At Your Service Mobile Notary and CoachMeLaura.com and I thought you would like to be part of my journey as I get ready to be sworn in for my fifth commission! I’ll be recording my bond as well as be taking my oath.

I am so excited - this is the fifth time I've done it, but I gotta tell you, every time it really excites me to know that I'm participating in my government and that I'm a public official - and that once again, I'll be serving the public!

Follow me inside and see what one goes through as the process unfolds to be sworn in as a Notary.

(See Video - Verifying the documents, Recording the bond, Taking the oath)

I have officially been sworn in and I have accepted my office as a Notary. This new commission officially starts on Tuesday the thirteenth, as my previous commission does not expire until Monday. I’m so very excited now!

I need to go back and update all of my clients. The signing companies, title companies, all the people who rely on my information to know that I'm currently a valid notary.

You too will need to go update them so that when you're working for them doing signings your information is up to date. Update your files with them to make sure everybody knows your newest information - otherwise, you could end up not having new jobs with them, and you’ll wonder why your phone has stopped ringing!

Okay! I hope you enjoyed today andI look forward to the next time bye!!

Until next time...






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