2nd Annual CA Notary Symposium in Modesto

Jul 04, 2017

In observance of National Notary Day in November, the 2nd annual CA Notary Symposium will be held at the Modesto City Plaza, Nov 4th 

Join me and 100 of your Mobile Notary and Notary Signing Agent friends to learn how to increase your revenue, rather than your workload!  Volume doesn't equal more profit!  Come to this event and uncover hidden roadblocks that could be sabotaging your desired results, develop a strategy that creates a clear vision of your ultimate success as well as an action plan to increase your profit. 

This 1 day event will feature 5 speakers, each bringing you expertise to boost your notary business up a notch.  New for this year we have added a networking lunch to start practicing connecting with colleagues and those who can help you step up your game, because small changes can make big results!  

Most of all, after this day, you will come away Renewed, Refreshed and Inspired! 

Check out our website  http://NotarySymposium.com


At Your Service,

Laura J Biewer
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