3 tips to get past the Gatekeeper

Aug 31, 2017

How do I get past the gatekeeper at facilities

I am asked frequently as well as observe in notary forums about how difficult it is to get in the door at facilities.  I suggest rather than dropping your business cards or brochures off at local facilities announcing your notary service, consider how you can improve the process for outside services coming in the facility door.  This approach appeals to what is good for the facility rather than your objective of getting work.


Introduce your purpose differently

Start with indicating just leaving your card will not meet your purpose.  You might lead off with something like: "I will be coming here to notarize documents for patients and want to discuss the best way to ensure I help my client while observing special needs of this Facility. Who would be best to discuss.....


Ask the right questions

Your purpose is investigating what their needs are:

What times are best not to set appointments? (Think of shift change over when it is most busy, meal times, doctor rounds)

Check in suggestions? - Nurses station before seeing the client (maybe the client is not a good candidate for notarization).

Ombudsman requirement? Some facilities have both, skilled and nonskilled areas.

Isolation requirements? (are you prepared to do what is needed to meet these requirments)

If there are any special requests/requirements for outside services coming into the facility?

Questions like these are all about the Facility and patient needs rather than yours.  Demontrate your knowledge of special needs for facilities and your committment to protecting their clients. Present yourself as the solution for the need of notary service in their facility.


Do your homework

Know what an Ombudsman is and what is Required by law.  Invest in additional tools that may be helpful in a facility.  Make sure your notary skills for lesser used procedures are current such as Credbile Witneses and Signature by Mark.  Research the facility before you go so you know something about who they are, how long they have served the community.  Seek out a coach or mentor about entering the facility market place, and the special skills needed in that environment to provide mobile notary services.

I am happy to discuss your interest in Facilitiy work, you can reach out to me directly at [email protected].

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