Competition or Partner?

Mar 17, 2020


Hi, this is Laura, and I'm with CoachMeLaura and AtYourServiceMobileNotary.

Today, I just want to take a couple of minutes to remind you of who you can partner with, and who you can collaborate with that can grow your general mobile notary business!

*** Full Transcription Below ***

As I looked through my assignments last year in 2019, I saw that I got quite a few from two distinct areas.

One was private shipping centers.

Sometimes we think of them as our competition, but they're not! They're there in a store all day long, taking assignments, right? Notarizing documents, but they're not going to the hospital. They're not going to attorneys offices, they're not open at night. They're not open on Sunday or holidays.

So how do we help each other?

I'll tell you, because I teach, because I have other assignments to do, because I'm not always available for the work that I get, and most importantly, I get calls from people who are not appropriate to be clients for me. Maybe they don't need a mobile service, right? Perhaps they don't need it after business hours, so I refer them back to my friends at the shipping centers. Now they, on the other hand, when they have clients who need someone to go to the hospital, or need after hours or weekend service, when they're not open - they refer those people back to me! And there's been other collaborative efforts between us.

So of course we know we all drop our packages at the shipping centers, right? Have you ever gotten close to your drop time - and you just need to make sure they're there? I've picked up the phone and said, 'Hey, I'm around the corner. Can you just hold the guy? If he's there, I'll be right there.' And they've done that for me so that package could get out the door! And having that loyalty, that friendship, that collaborative spirit between the two of us makes that work!

Now, the other area where I get a lot of work are LDA (Legal Document Assistants), which are paralegals who are out there independently doing their work. Now, a lot of them are notaries, so why are they sending work to me? Again, they don't have time to be running around. They may not do hospital work. They may not go out at night, they may be closed on Sunday when I'm open. These are all reasons why they might be needing supplementary notary services. And if they're going to pick somebody, why not me?

Now what do I do for them? Well, they prepare documents, they do things out of the scope of what I can do. And so when I have clients who need help, preparing documents, filling out documents, deeds, things like that - then the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to send them to one of my LDA friends, so that they will have the right service for them. Then if THEY need the signer to be taken care of by a notary, who can show up, I'm right there!

So those are two particular areas. There's some others that I work in as well, but I particularly seem to do a lot of work with these two. I want you to think about who in your town do you know? And if you don't know them, go find out about them! Find out what their hours are. Find out when the notary is on site. Find out what they know! Find out if they're certified to do loan signing work. Find these pieces of information out and interview them.

Because what you're doing is telling them, I'm interested in you. I'm interested in helping your business grow. You're not there to just 'take' what happens - it is a natural and organic collaboration.

So I hope these examples have helped you think a little bit about who could you collaborate with or partner with in your own town so that you both grow and succeed.

I hope that today is a great day for you and awesome things are going to happen!

Until the next time. Make it a good one!




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