COVID-19 Headlines and Details for Notaries

Mar 31, 2020

Hi, this is Laura with At Your Service Mobile Notary and Coach Me Laura.

This week, I think it's obvious, we need to talk about COVID-19, and its impact on notaries. There are a lot of headlines out there. First of all, we've got a national bill that's been introduced for minimum Remote Online Notarization (RON) standards across the 50 States, whether or not you have that in your state. Over half of the States have an Emergency Order or Proclamation issued that impacts notaries regarding identification as well as remote online notarization.

Then we have a Federal Department of Homeland security order that defines who are essential services. So we know who's allowed to go out there and do work when we're in a 'shelter in place' environment. Here's the problem with these headlines. There's no details. We need to read the details so I know what's going on in my state, in my county, because it may not be the same as yours!

What I'm seeing is a lot of gaps in the information. I'm seeing some misinformation going on in the Facebook forums. And I see confusion as a result.

So here's what I thought I would do. I read every single one of those emergency orders and proclamations. I went to the Secretary of State's websites to verify that the guidance from the Secretary of State is the same as what the Proclamation or Emergency Order was, and to make sure that whatever you're going to be doing, you're confident that you're doing the right thing.

So that information will be in videos that will be on my website, HERE. Or, you can push the little blue button below me and that will take you there. I'll start off with all the ones I've already analyzed and it will be listed state by state for you. And then, as I find out new states that have Emergency Orders or Proclamations, I will add them.

So I'm hopeful that this might help you in your search to do the right thing and to do it in the right manner and to be confident about how and if we can serve the public.

So until the next time, be safe!


Recent COVID-19 Emergency Orders and Operating Procedures for Notaries


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