Hospital Notarization - Smooth As Butter

Nov 04, 2019

Hi notary friends!

This is Laura, with and owner of At Your Service Mobile Notary.

I thought I'd share with you after I completed my sixth hospital assignment just this week.

It went 'smooth as buttah', but it wasn't always that way for me. 

I developed a four-step plan that helps me move through that appointment efficiently without issue. I thought I'd share that with you today.

First of all, I qualify the patient. I want to make sure that they're alert and aware. I also need to make sure they have valid photo ID, and that they can sign unassisted.

Also, the document. The document is a problem.

A lot of times they think I, the notary, will bring them the document. And of course, that's the unauthorized practice of law for me, so I'm going to make recommendations about that, such as go to Legal Zoom or Rocket Lawyer. 

If it's a Power of Attorney for healthcare, check the department of social services, they usually have them there.

The other thing is I have backup plans:

When they say they don't have their ID, then I have a plan for that. How about credible witnesses?

And if they say they can't sign unassisted, I have a plan for that also. How about a signature by Mark? 

So these are ways that I can help accommodate and save the appointment.

Now other accommodations for this environment are important.

You're in a hospital situation with limited space, so don't count on there being a bedside table. It's got flowers, it's got water, and might have breakfast.

So I always bring a clipboard with me. Another reason that is a great idea, is that not all patients can sit up all the way. They may have to sign semi reclining and the clipboard gives you that flexibility.

Another thing is reader glasses. I cannot tell you how many times that somebody can't find their glasses, so I always have an extra pair of readers (just enough - about one and a half power) - so they can sign their name to the document and that helps move things along.

The last thing is make it easy for them to do business with you. Give them a quote up front with what the expected cost will be and offer payment options. For instance: check, credit card, or cash.

All of these things have really minimized any unnecessary trips, as well as shorten the length of time I need to take in that assignment.

I hope that was helpful for you and if you have more questions about hospital signings, you can go to my website, - on the resources page. Check in with you soon.

Until next time,

- Laura


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