How To Recapture Time!

Aug 11, 2020

How To Recapture Time!

Hi, this is Laura with Coach Me Laura and At Your Service Mobile Notary.

This last Sunday, I had quite a few appointments, but you know what? Two of them got cancelled. And of course, this happens to us all the time. When you handle specialty work, it can happen on any given day when you do loan signing work. It typically happens during month end. So either way, there needs to be a better way. So let's prepare for that unoccupied time.

You know, we might feel frustrated. Our time's been wasted. It created holes in my very carefully structured day.

But what if I shared with you that it was a blessing in disguise out of every adversity, there is a seed of equal or greater benefit. I just have to look for it.

I listened to many different coaches outside of the industry of notary. And this time Lisa Sasevich's latest YouTube video gave me a great idea!

What if that cancellation made an opening for an even better paying or closer assignment? What if the cancellation allowed me to catch up on business tasks that I never seem to have enough time to get a handle on? Or, what if I use that time to plan, create, or revisit my vision for my business or my personal life. Maybe I just want to read a book, listen to a CD, listen to a motivational speaker, take a bio break, grab some lunch.

As you can see, cancellations are looking better by the minute! It could be that seed of equal or greater benefit!

So consider this: what if we organized ourselves with two kinds of time in the day.

Scheduled time, I have an assignment it's already on the books. I know what I'm doing with that time.

And then: unoccupied time, those unexpected cancellations. Unoccupied time, it could be planned, but usually it's unexpected.

So what do I need to make the most of this time?

I need a "Not Doing Now" list. That would be my "to do" list.

I know it seems old school, however, there's a twist. The twist is - I need to be ready for this unoccupied time so I can use it to make my next best move.

This list does not have to be prioritized because we know from one day to the next, priorities change. I just need to make the list! And then depending on where I'm at and how much time ended up being freed up, that will determine which one of those items I might tackle during my unoccupied time.

So if you've got that list, and you see what you might end up working on when you're on the road, then you need to be prepared.

So what do I need to take with me?

I might need to take that book I thought I wanted to read, or a notebook so that I can brainstorm, or sourcing ideas and I can put it in writing.

I might want to have my laptop available for bookkeeping, email, social media.

I might need a CD for that motivational speaker or just some great music to listen to.

I probably need to pack my lunch or snacks or water, or at least have money that I can go buy something to refresh myself.

What about a neck pillow to catch a few Zzzz's.

What if I really want to make a contact and I haven't had time to do that? I could reach out to friends, to families of the clients.

You get the idea.

What are activities you could do to make your next best move. At the end of the day, you will not only have taken care of your assignments. You will also have accomplished a bonus of sorts that makes for a very fulfilling and productive day. And it will take you one step closer to your goals!

Until the next time, be safe.




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