I Don't Wanna!!!

Mar 10, 2020

Hi, this is Laura with CoachmeLaura.com.

You know, every day, I have this big long 'must do' list. I have so many things to get done - for my health, for my family, for my business.

And some days I'm not feeling it, and I'm kind of stuck. My mind's telling me, "I don't want to!".  "I don't want to do the dishes", "I don't want to answer the phone", or "I don't want to take that next appointment."

I just don't want to make any decisions.

Has that ever happened to you? Well, here's the deal. I bet we can all relate.

But what's more important is how do I get "unstuck".

Here's my secret sauce. I give! I give of my time, I give of my energy, I give of my stuff, I give of my talent. It just changes the energy a little bit and puts me more in sync with the world. Something seems to shift! And then when I have to come back to whatever it is I didn't want to do, it seems easy and I'm able to move forward.

So the next time that you're stuck, think about getting into that 'giving' mode and see if that gets you unstuck.

I hope that this has been helpful to you.

This is a quick one, and until the next time make it a good one!





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