In a World of No – Be the Yes!

Jul 03, 2019

As we get requests from prospective clients, the best way to provide great customer service is to be a “yes” notary.

“Can you come now?”
“Can you come Saturday?”
“Can you come after 8pm?”

When you are communicating with a potential client, be the service that says yes!

Surely now you’re thinking: What if you can’t accommodate the request? Then be the notary who can connect them with someone who can say yes. Referral work is an effective way to increase both your support system and business as other notaries face the same issues. I am part of an informal network of notaries in Central and Northern California and I have been given many opportunities to share the work. Sometimes the favor is returned with an assignment. Sometimes with a coaching client, or a connection that can help me in another area of business. Sometimes the return is even vendors for big services I need. How awesome is that?

Building these connections is vital to the construction and maintenance of your notary business. It is critical that you be able to network with other notaries in your area and build the reputation of always having the ability to say yes, even if yes comes in the form of finding someone else who can perform a service you are not able to handle. Even in those situations, the client will remember that you were as helpful as possible and didn’t just leave them hanging out to dry. They will remember this – and you – the next time they need a notary, and this is on top of the mutually beneficial relationship you will build with other notaries in your area.

NSA or General Notary Work? The Magic of AND…

When I became a notary in 2004, the real estate business was full speed and there was more NSA work than I could handle. However, a few years later, the real estate market dropped off a cliff leaving me with just one or two assignments a month. I began doing some general notary work, mostly to help a colleague at a hospital. I quickly realized having too many eggs in one basket was a bad idea. The answer was rather than be only an NSA, which is a narrower specialty, I would be a mobile notary, and NSA work would be merely one of my specialties.

As soon as I started saying that I handle NSA, AND hospitals, AND jails, AND attorneys, AND consumer direct for everyday documents, AND teach, AND mentor, I found I could leverage my notary commission for many streams of revenue all because I could notarize documents exactly when and where it was needed. Then I realized there are complimentary jobs that leverage my mobility such as inspections, Uber/Lyft, DNA tests, and the list goes on… those not needing a commission. Once I stopped seeing my career as an “or” statement and started saying yes I was able to bring my business forward and expand it. Specialties are important to get training to give you expertise concerning environments with inherent special issues such as hospitals and jails. When you’re able to say “and I do this…” you will see the magic happen in the form of more assignments and more income.

Are you ready to say YES? Opportunities to meet and network and collaborate with other notaries, coaches, and vendors are coming up on October 5 in Southern California, and November 16 in Northern California. Consider joining us and you too can start building your network so you can say YES!

Check out these events by clicking on the links below.

Always at your service,
Founder, Notary Symposium


October 5, 2019 - SoCal

University Community Center
1 Beech Tree Lane
(this reservation is a pivate event, and is not endorsed by the City of Irvine)

Learn more about the SoCal event on the website


November 16, 2019 - NorCal

Rancho Cordova City Hall
2729 Prospect Park Drive
Rancho Cordova
(this reservation is a private event, and is not endorsed by the City of Rancho Cordova)

Learn more about the NorCal event on the website


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